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Membership Benefits

Meet new people and make friends

The Club is a great way to connect with other people in Hingham. We offer a variety of social events, from playgroups and book clubs to nights out and sports.

Get involved in the community

We offer a variety of opportunities for members to get involved in the Hingham community, through volunteering, supporting local businesses, and more.

Members-only access

Enjoy discounted or free events for the whole family and access to exclusive information through our monthly newsletter.

Learn about Hingham

Our club offers a variety of events that will help you learn more about Hingham's history, businesses, and attractions.

Purchase your membership!

  • Resident Membership

    Annual Membership
    Valid for one year
    • Annual membership, allowing you access to our private events
    • private membership pages, and monthly emails.
  • Business Membership

    Valid for one year
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