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. features a unique, customisable scrolling Inch view is a device for magnifying the display of mobile devices. Usually it is a screen that fits on the top of the mobile phone and used to display more detailed content. For example, it can magnify the picture of a camera or a map and play video on the screen instead of on a small mobile phone. (source: Wikipedia) In reality, there is nothing magical about the technology of the in-camera lens. Rather, it is about designing the right combination of optical (lens) and mechanical (bearing) parts. The goal of designing this combination is to produce the least distortion possible so that a picture may be properly focused on the sensor. I've been noticing that the developers of the FPGA platform for OpenRISC have been implementing more and more features for the open-source users, such as the recently released libraries for dealing with Secure Boot (formerly known as FSL) and OpenSSH. One of the projects they are working on is an interface for the OpenRISC FPGA to the QEMU OpenVM hypervisor. This could be used in many ways, and the one I will show you in this article is to use it as a container for Docker Linux containers. For any specialized use case, you should always consider the number of cores and threads. A thread is a parallel execution unit inside the chip. All the cores in a system share the same memory, and it is not clear how many threads should be used. The idea behind sharing a CPU with more threads is that the threads can be used to do different kinds of tasks. Generally, most of the time, a CPU will be runing in an idle loop. Only a small percentage of the time, the threads will be used to execute some code, such as a video decode or something that requires a lot of computing power. The threads will also be runing at different paces so that the idle time is less than if all the threads were used together. In this article, we will learn how to use the software we made in this article to build a simple embedded camera (usually referred as webcams) from the instructions on the web. Before you start reading the article, you will need: There are many webcams on the market. Some are cheap, while others cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some webcams are only capable of using low-resolution webcams. Others




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