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What you need to know if you are going to go Paleo how to become a guru of paleo like me : you can get an original paleo diet food list that i use at: I’m done for the day — time to write a blog post! I’ve been reading and listening to podcasts about this whole Paleo thing for weeks, and it’s really sparked my interest. I still think it’s good advice for most people, but I want to explore some of the more specific ways to apply it to my lifestyle. I’m really not even an extreme follower of Paleo, so I’m thinking it might just be perfect for me — I love finding easier ways to be healthier without the extreme commitment of someone who follows it to the letter. On one hand, I know that the typical Paleo diet can get a little ridiculous. I’m not talking about the obvious “gluten and dairy” foods, but I mean that it’s basically a lot of grains, meat, and vegetables. (Vegetables! That’s not even Paleo!) I know that my metabolism is pretty fast, and I can eat a lot, so I don’t need a diet that requires me to eat tons of carbs or set an impossible calorie goal for the day. On the other hand, I’m also not good at sticking to my normal eating habits. The idea of the Paleo diet seems so logical that it’s easy to just follow along — eat healthy, no carbs, no fats, no protein, etc. But every day I fail to do it. I’m not worried about going crazy. I love my treats. I eat fast food on weekends, I eat a lot of carbs on the weekends, and I eat chocolate regularly. But I’m a pretty healthy person overall, and I wouldn’t dream of depriving myself of dessert. I eat Paleo most of the time, though, and I always try to keep the rest healthy too. That’s the big difference — I’m just not totally fussed about the veggies! While you may be eager to experiment with the more extreme Paleo foods, I’m not really that worried about the rules. I think that in some cases, the healthy food rules may actually be a little too extreme for some people, but that doesn’t mean




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